Tier-2 SAFE Documentation

This is the documentation for the SAFE service management web interface provided by EPCC for the EPSRC Tier 2 HPC facilities.

The Tier-2 HPC facilities currently integrated into the SAFE service are:

The Tier-2 SAFE service provides a common, web-based interface for managing access and resources across the Tier-2 HPC services and allows for coherent reporting from Tier-2 facilities.

To log into Tier-2 SAFE please go to:

Tier-2 SAFE Overview

The SAFE is a web-based application that is used for:

  • Administering user accounts and projects on the various Tier-2 HPC facilities
  • Reporting on usage of the various Tier-2 facilities

Tier-2 SAFE for individual users

All users on any of the integrated Tier-2 users have accounts on the Tier-2 SAFE through which they can view the resources they have access to, administer their accounts on the various Tier-2 facilities and query their usage of the various Tier-2 facilities.

Tier-2 SAFE for project leaders

Project leaders (PI’s and any designated project managers) can also use the SAFE to approve requests to join the project from individual users and generate reports on the project usage on the Tier-2 facilities the project has access to.